A haven for Aficionados of Art

The ICA Gallery in Jaipur has been a favored spot for art enthusiasts. Connoisseurs of the framed Rajasthani School of painting have long flocked to Jaipur in search of the finest examples of this well-known artistic tradition. In Pink City, quite a few new art galleries have sprung up recently, further enhancing the culture of professional art display, appreciation, and trade. For the past few years, ICA Gallery has played a key role in this emerging trend.

Since its founding in October 2008, ICA has organized a variety of exhibitions and accompanying activities to carry out this duty with devotion and distinction. ICA was established as an intimate space to facilitate seamless interaction amongst works of art, their creators, and their connoisseurs.

The gallery has a plethora of additional camps, exhibitions, previews, book launches, and other events planned for the future that will focus on the many facets of modern Indian art practices. It makes a commitment to endorse the creation of an environment in Jaipur wherein educated discussions, debates, and deals are centred on contemporary Indian art.

In the midst of Jaipur's bustle, ICA Gallery is great for having a quiet respite and taking in the astounding diversity of the country's artistic and cultural legacy.

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